Alchemy Cafè in Ubud opened in 2011 and is Bali’s first 100% raw vegan cafe & juice bar, organic health food store, and holistic clinic. The cafe has its own juice and smoothie bar, salad bar and dessert bar. Alchemy makes and bottles their own kombucha style drinks, such as their cocobiotic lemon squash, which is made from fermented coconut kefir with lime and honey. Cocobiotic contains vitamins, minerals enzymes and electrolytes, which increase energy levels, cleanses the liver and promotes healthy intestinal microflora.

Their menu consists of organic and locally grown raw vegan food free from refined sugar, dairy, flour and wheat. They offer a selection of monthly specials as well as a 4-meter long raw & vegan salad bar for your perusal. The cafe produces all their own greens from their veggie patch and offers lots of different toppings that vary daily. Some of the toppings include raw pad thai, zucchini alfredo pasta, raw taco mix, seasoned nuts, kale chips, curried vegetables, capers, seaweed salad and fresh green herbs.

For all the sweet tooths out there, Alchemy have a range of delightfully devilish treats also. Their chocolate is raw vegan with no processed dairy, chemicals, additives or preservatives. It is made with cacao, cold pressed coconut oil, palm sugar and cacao butter which when mixed together creates one hell of a treat. To any of you who are skeptical when it comes to the differences between the mass produced chocolate bar and Alchemy’s version, then we can tell you the latter it is totally spectacular, one bite of their raw chocolates will do the trick and you’ll never look back.

Try out something from our favourite on the menu –

Salad from the bar (1 choice of greens, 4 toppings and 1 dressing) Rp 39,000

Raw peanut butter cup Rp 25,000

Alchemy cocotonic juice Rp 27,000

Alchemy Bali is open: Mon – Sun, 7am – 9pm