Bajra Sandhi Historical Museum (or The Balinese Struggle Monument as it is sometimes known) is located in the middle of Denpasar City. It is an historical monument that was built to commemorate the Balinese people’s struggle against the Dutch colonial invasion. The structure is the epitome of strong Balinese architecture with all of the detailed carvings adoring the outside of the building.

This site is quite the spectacle when viewing it for the first time on ground level. It is visited by thousands of locals and tourists alike and also used for many religious ceremonies. The very tall structure was erected in 1978 and President Megawti Sukarno Putri inaugurated it in 2003. This site is said to have a soul devoted to the spirit of the people who dealt with the terrible struggles. It represents everything that is strong in Balinese culture and is there to remind the younger generations that they need to preserve this culture in able to move forward through adversity in their country. The site itself contains 33 dioramas showing the political and economic history of Bali dating back as far as 300,000BC right through to the independence era from 1950 – 1975.