Balangan Beach is a stunning sandy location for basking in the sun. Situated on Bali’s south coast and officially a part of the Uluwatu Peninsula, the beach itself stretches only a short 200 meters but is so picturesque you will want to stay for a long time. You will have to make your way down the stairs of the white stone cliffs of Pecatu to access the beach, but once you are there you will realise how worth the trip it is.

This beach is best known for its huge pumping surf break out past the shallow reefs. Along the Uluwatu Peninsula the reefs can be quite tricky to traverse if you aren’t a seasoned beach goer or confident surfer, then maybe take a guide or more experienced friend with you. In this area, the Indian Ocean can be quite unforgiving to those who cannot read the waves well, so of course there are surf lessons available at other nearby beaches for everyone who would like to try out a something new. People within the local surf community have dubbed Balangan as the best surf spot on the island, it certainly looks challenging from the shore line.

During a day on Balangan Beach you can expect to relax in the sun, maybe get a massage or two from the sweet Balinese women who spend their days pampering people on the lounges and of course a few icey cold Bintangs. There are several small warungs where you can get the very basic food and drink, usually popular local dishes like nasi goreng and fresh young coconuts feature on the menus.

You can take a day trip to Balangan Beach from Seminyak but we advise that you get a private driver as the journey will take you at least 40 minutes each way – there isn’t much phone reception and the area is not known for its abundance of taxis.