Bali Buda Cafè is a unique business that has been operating since 1994 and has a positive focus on not only feeding hungry mouths for all over, but also giving back to the community. This business was definitely one of the most important pioneers of the organic food movement in Bali. Their dedication to sustainability is what makes them different from your regular cafés.

Being big supporters of the Slow Food – Slow Life ideal, the menu items here are made with nothing but hard work and love, and of course the freshest and tastiest local ingredients. No big industrial kitchen equipment is involved in the making of their produce and everything is homemade everyday. Bali Buda Cafés are located in Ubud, Bukit, Sanur and Kerobokan and their headquarters, where all of the magic begins, is in Batu Bulan.

Being conscious of what they can do for the community, Bali Buda continue to support two major projects; Rumah Sehat Madani – a natural birthing clinic helping mothers bring their children safely into the world, and Recycling Eco Bali – sustainable solutions in managing waste that educate locals on the importance of recycling.

As well has having a bakery with a fantastic selection of handmade breads, Bali Buda also has a great menu to choose from in their cafés, if you fancy more than a crunchy loaf or a fancy pastry. Vegans, vegetarians, raw organic, health food and gluten free fans you will be well catered for which is fantastic news. There are a few meals with meat, but the carnivorous folk may want to opt for the meat free options because that is what Bali Buda do best of course!

Here is what we would suggest for you to try out –

Macao Drink – Organic raw cacao, macs, honey & soy milk

Macrobiotic Plate – Steamed veg, tofu, chickpeas, miso, grated daikon & gomashio.

Live food Platter – Jicama, sun-dried tomatoes, cucumber with crunchy raw flax seed crackers accompanied by raw food spreads.