Bali Elephant Camp is such an incredible experience and definitely not to be missed on a visit to the island of the gods. Located in the dense highlands of North Ubud in an area called Taro, is the Elephant Safari Park. It is here that you will be able to engage in activities including a trek with the elephants.

Sometimes we hear about how poorly treated the animals are in parks like this, especially the elephants in Asia, but here it is more like a sanctuary or refuge for them than a zoo. They are very well looked after and that is why so many people wish to come and visit and spend time with these majestic creatures.

The animals that participate in Bali Elephant Camp treks have been saved from the Sumatran logging trade, where they were used to haul huge loads for many hours a day while being subjected to horrible treatment. These gentle giants finally have somewhere to be looked after by people who care a lot about them and a much of the profits from the admissions go towards the conservation of this species.

If you do choose to participate in the Bali Elephant Camp, then your day will be packed full of wonderful experiences. The drive through the jungle to get to the camp is so beautiful and once you arrive at the site you will be treated to a welcome drink in the ‘Trunk’n’Mahout’ café with stunning views of the nearby valley. You will then watch the elephants being washed and saddled up for your afternoon trek through the luscious surroundings. Make sure you take your camera, it’s a brilliant view from high up on top of an elephants back!

A family trek package will cost you US$195, single adult tickets are US$65 and children ride for US$43. Scheduled pick up times start at 08.00am and go through to 11am.