Bali Safari and Marine Park is one of central Bali’s biggest attractions. Located in south-central Bali and surrounded by beautiful forest and coastline, the it is popular with families, couples and solo travellers.

Home to a large safari area, the Bali Safari and Marine Park houses over 50 different species of animals. Many of these are native to Indonesia, as well as Indian and African animals. With a focus on conservation and animal welfare, the park has many attractions featuring these animals in their natural habitats. The park also offers the opportunity to take part in an elephant safari. You will wander through the park on the back of well-cared for elephants, whilst enjoying the various sights. Zebras, hippos, camels, lions and tigers all have a part to play in the days activities.

Once the sun goes down, the animals come out to play – and the night safari is the best way to make sure you have a front row seat for the action. The park comes alive with a walking tour, followed by a local performance.

Another attraction is the amusement park on site. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the variety of rides, or take a dip in the water park and enjoy a trip down the water slides. The pools are open until 5pm, giving you an opportunity to cool off after a day trekking through the safari park.

The Marine Park is a fresh water aquarium, home to a large amount of species from all over the world. Don’t miss feeding time, particularly the piranha feeding session – a unique experience.

The Bali Safari and Marine park runs shuttle buses from many of the more populated areas in Bali, ensuring you can get to and from the park with your companions hassle-free.