Balian Beach is a 90 minute drive along the west coast of Bali if you are coming from Denpasar. Officially located in the Tabanan regency it is a spot that is well known to the surfing community. As it is out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the vortex that is the city, it is popular with visitors wanting to spend some time in a calmer environment.

The three main things you will do at Balian Beach are eat, sleep and surf, so you’ll be chilled out in no time. There isn’t a great deal else in this area if you are looking for more action, Balian might not be your style. A lot of the accommodation in this area is right on the water, as the developers haven’t quite got their mitts on too much of the land here yet.

This super cruisey spot has plenty of different waves to choose from for people with all different skill levels and are pretty consistent all year round. The swell can vary from 2ft -10ft and is known to have decent surf when further back down the coast is flat; this is when the Kuta crowd will come for a day trip.

Eating at Balian Beach is pretty basic and won’t make too much of a dent in your bank account. The Night Markets have loads of traditional street food that will be cooked right in front of your eyes and tastes great, otherwise there are plenty of locally run warungs and cafés serving Indonesian classics with a few western treats thrown in for good measure.