Warung Bambuku is a budget restaurant that offers healthy and fresh food. It is located on Jalan Sunset, almost where the road meets Raya Kerobokan. Although it is officially situated in Kerobokan, Seminyak is just across the road. The small restaurant is a great choice for anyone looking for a modern eatery and nourishing food without any fuss. It’s also super affordable; you can get a tasty and filling meal and a fresh glass of juice for under $5.

The warung is only open for lunch daily, from 11 – 4. The place is easily recognisable from its colourful exterior, with window shutters of different vibrant shades creating a cheerful façade. The interior design has a rustic look with wooden accents, and both small tables and large communal tables are available depending on whether you want a social or intimate experience. The service is fast – really fast – where you basically walk in, point at what you fancy and are sitting down with your meal within three minutes.

The little diner serves a delicious nasi campur, which is essentially a mix of various tasty dishes made fresh that morning. A range of Indonesian foods are displayed behind a glass counter, so visitors can simply point out what they feel like. There is usually about 15 different side dishes on offer, all made hygienically and without MSG. Popular dishes at the restaurant include their succulent beef rendang (beef in coconut milk) and tempe manis (a sweet cake made out of soybeans). Those who have a preference for spicy food can add green chili sauce to their meal. Freshly squeezed juices are also available, with signature selections made from a mix of ginger, orange, carrot and pineapple.

The owner and head chef explained that they make the food fresh each day, and if they have any leftovers, they generally give it away to the poor and hungry. The food at Warung Bambuku may not be elaborate, but it’s clean, nutritious and yummy, and perfect for any budget!