If you’re wandering through the streets of Seminyak satisfying those shopping cravings, make sure you’ve got time to stop in at Bathe to stock up on your DIY pampering essentials. Bathe boasts a range of products to suit every need, with specially catered product lines designed for sensitive skin types, men, women and children for a relaxing bathroom experience to take home.

This beautiful store also enables the ethical shopper, as all products are made sustainably with no added nasties, only essential and natural ingredients. With no parabens or paraffins in any of the products here, you can be assured that you are being cleansed by all natural ingredient soaps and potions in a way that is both sustainable and healthy for your body.

Owner and founder Anni Pham has a passion for her product that is motivated by the notion that bathing should be a beautiful, simple, natural and fun experience. Anni brings cleansing products back to the basics, never adding more ingredients than you need to give you a pure and simple clean. She also believes that a bit of quirkiness never goes astray when performing a daily cleaning ritual, with a positive attitude towards letting yourself enjoy life in all of the simplest ways.

You know you can trust a product when the owner uses it at home on her entire family! With so many choices to thrill your nostrils and your make your skin breathe sighs of relief, you’ll find it hard to leave any of these oh-so-lovely products behind. It only makes it harder that there’s no guilt attached to buying products so natural and good for you!