Betelnut Café is a super cute and very trendy spot in located in Canngu. Built kind of like a tree house, this thatched roof building is a double storey haven where you can get some pretty awesome food and drink. If you are heading to Echo Beach you will pass this café and you definitely can’t miss it. It’s a big shack style building with the walls at either end painted a bright pink colour.

There is plenty of space outside for you to park your bikes and you can keep an eye on them from upstairs or inside the closed off air conditioned comfort of the lower level. Betelnut Café is maybe not the greatest spot to take small babies or toddlers as it is close to the road and the wooden stairs are quite steep.

Expect to see a broad cross section of clientele including plenty of Canggu hipsters, some expats and you guessed it, surfers, loads of them. The sand covered, barefooted, beautifully tanned ones with salty locks. As the atmosphere is happy and casual at Betelnut, there are communal tables to sit on if you fancy making some friends or the more private booth option are also available.

If you do end up bringing you children here, there is yummy separate menu for them. Smaller sizes of dishes can be ordered, especially during the breakfast rush. For the big kids, we recommend the Betel Bowl, filled with lots of healthy goodness. You can also get your hands on some of the best juices and smoothies going around and if you are looking for something a little more filling then they serve burgers, burritos and salads. Their motto is ‘happy, healthy, nutritious and delicious food‘ and we think that is pretty damn cool.

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 7am to 10pm for breakfast, lunch and dinner and if you fancy it, takeaway and local delivery are available.