The Blue Lagoon Night Dive is one of the most famous in Padang Bai. Due to its mild current, incredible visibility and extraordinary sea life, it is a great spot for divers of all levels. The dive site is approximately a five-minute boat trip from Padang Bai beach, and is hugely popular with snorkellers and photographers.

The site consists of a sandy floor that slopes down steadily to 22 metres before a short wall. This is quite standard, but it’s the spectacular marine life that makes this dive unique. You have a good chance of seeing several kinds of sharks, like the cat shark, wobbegong shark and white tip shark. Smaller creatures are also easy to spot, such as nudibranchs, crabs, octopuses and squid. A stunning assortment of moray eels, clownfish, napoleon wrasses and green turtles can also be observed, as well as seahorses, frogfish, lobsters, zebra crabs and other rare and remarkable crustaceans. A night dive is also the best time to see the famous and elusive Spanish dancer, as well as many other uncommon marine species that hide from view during the day. If you’re interested in corals, Blue Lagoon has an excellent variety of gorgonians, staghorn and table corals, and enormous coral boomies.

The bay’s water conditions are usually very mild, with an occasional surge, but because the bay is quite protected it generally ensures a relaxing and fun experience and the perfect conditions for beginners. Guests can dive Blue Lagoon year-round, and it is recommended that dives are booked well in advance.