Botanic Garden Ubud is still quite a new place to visit in Bali as it only opened in 9 years ago in June 2006. Located in central Bali the garden is approximately 1.2 kilometres from the middle of Ubud. This luscious area serves as a sanctuary for all the flora that grows there as some of the plants are endangered. The Botanic Garden is constantly expanding with new species of plants being cultivated and preserved.

The Botanic Gardens are a great alternative to the busier scenes you may witness at other tourist attractions. People who visit this site always seem very relaxed and generally recommend it to their family and friends. But it isn’t just the foreigners who adore the gardens, the locals visit to find peace and tranquility also. There is a specific Islamic Garden among the features of the grounds which also means this location welcomes a wide cross section of the population for encouraging them to use it for many different purposes.

The incredible scenery spans five hectares through a natural ravine and has many areas with varying plant and flower varieties. The Orchid Garden speaks for itself and is a very pretty part of the property. You can also explore your way through dense forests of palms, ferns, bamboos and other tropical natives. All the gardens are joined by a steps and paths that wind their way discreetly through the foliage and over hanging vines. A naturally occurring amphitheatre area can be booked for weddings and special events – it is such a perfectly picturesque place for a celebration of any type.

Entry will cost you around IR50,000.