Buahan village is located on the eastern shores of one of the most admired places in Bali, Danau Batur, and is a place not often visited by the average backpacker. Tourist buses tend to avoid stopping down at the lake due to the steep narrow road that leads to it, but the view is beautiful, with lush forest and enormous rock formations to feast your eyes on along the way. When you reach the dazzling water you will see the impressive Gunung Batur rising up to the sky, and you might be surprised to know that you’re actually inside an active volcano.

From Buahan you can see crowded tourist areas like the lookouts over Gunung Batur, but the village of Buahan, known as the base of the lake, is far more adventurous. To get there, pick from any of the roads that go to Penelokan, though the one that goes via Tirta Empul is by far the most straightforward route. Unfortunately, you will have to fork out an entrance fee to use the T-junction to get down into the depths of the caldera.

There are many accommodation options around the lake, particularly at Kedisan. The road that takes you up to this village has some reliable losmens but beware of just accepting the asking price – it’s usually inflated and it’s best to bargain. The section of the lake near Abang is breathtaking, with black wild goats, orange trees and refreshingly clean air. Buahan is a wonderful spot to visit if you’re looking for something off the beaten track that is the utmost in relaxation and scenery.