Bungalow Living Bali is one of those places you walk into and want to take a piece of everything home with you. This treasure trove is laden with beautiful things and is café that sells brilliant coffees and delicious food, but they also have homewares, music and books on offer; they are a true one stop shop.

Located not far from Berawa Beach in Canggu, this gorgeous place is always busy. You can shop for goodies to take home or give as gifts while you wait for you order or a table at the café. All the stunning handcrafted items are made, printed, woven and sewn locally. A special mention must go to the crotched and woven laces, blankets and pillows, they are so intricate and special that anyone would be proud to have them in their home.

One year old pooch BB King is the resident chocolate golden poodle at Bungalow Living Bali, acting as their mascot and drawing lots of attention from visitors every day. He is a bit of a celebrity around town and has recently inspired a range of dog products due to a lack of beds big enough for him. Rattan is a locally sourced renewable resource that is made from a palm which grown in tropical areas of Asia. It is used to weave a lot of Balinese furniture and is also used to make the base of the dogs beds. To line the beds, big cushions are crafted in heavy duty colourful and patterned fabrics and you can also purchase the cushions separately.

Locals and tourists alike really do share their love for Bunglaow Living Bali. Whether it is four times a week for your morning coffee or a once in a lifetime visit, they will make you feel very welcome. The cool Australian owners have achieved a vintage feel with a super relaxed atmosphere that is no doubt one of the draw cards that keeps their clientele coming back time after time.