Café Lotus is an iconic eatery that almost everyone visits when they go to Ubud. The restaurant tries to cater to every taste at affordable prices amongst relaxing surroundings. Their simple ethos has succeeded, and the café has become enormously popular. Café Lotus sits on a stunning lotus pond, with the golden palace temple a striking backdrop. A gamelan musician plays across the water at various times of the day, creating the perfect atmosphere to sit back and leisurely enjoy a meal. Guests can also watch folklore performances that are presented every evening except Friday.

The café’s menu is a combination of Indonesian dishes and Western-style meals, so that all visitors can enjoy authentic Balinese food but also grab something they’re more familiar with if desired. About 80% of the meals are prepared on demand, using mainly local produce, and are guaranteed fresh. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is offered every day, with a specific menu dedicated to each mealtime, and a specials menu is also presented daily. The café has a small but thoughtful wine list as well as other alocoholic beverages, and the restaurant allows BYO for a charge of about $5 per bottle.

Some delicious selections at the café include a variety of fresh salads, including the unique Avocado Michelangelo that consists of avocado wrapped in cured meat, and soups, including asparagus, cream of mushroom, the delicious prawn and cucumber and Indonesian Soto Ayam (chicken with rice noodles, egg, potato and other vegetables). The café serves old favourites like spring rolls, samosas, pate, chicken winglets and golden champignons. There are plenty of vegetarian dishes, such as the lasagna and raw vegetable salad. Delicious mains include lamb kebabs, chicken curry, fresh pasta dishes and seafood casserole.