Candikuning is an area well worth a visit, located in the Tabanan Regency in Bali’s central north. The area is very easy on the eye, with boundless rain forest and a crystal clear lake surrounding the village. It is in the highlands of Bali which means it is quite a lot greater in altitude than the coastal areas of the island of gods.

By far the most well known place in this spot is the Traditional Market in Candikuning. It is quite near to the lake and can be reached on foot along the roads. At the market you will find some really delicious produce, all from around the nearby villages. This market isn’t jusr specifically for tourists but it is a place you can visit to see where and how the locals shop for their food. Fruit and flowers are predominantly sold at this market, making it a very colouful place indeed. The abundance of fruit will make you want to live off juices for the rest of your life with a huge selection for you to try including Indonesian specialties like salak (snake fruit), papaya, mango, pineapple and the very interesting smelling durian fruit. Shopping tours are available as there is a section of the market which sells souvenirs and local handicrafts like paintings and textiles. Remember to bargain with the stall holders as they will see you coming from a mile away!

A reason to visit Candikuning too Ulun Danu Temple is also a right on Lake Bratan at the foot of the towering Mount Gunung. It is one of the most picturesque sites in Bali, with many people travelling from all around the world to visit this area. It is a very precious site for the religious people of Bali who practise Hinduism.

There are plenty of places to stay in the Candikuning area – villas, hotels and for those more adventurous there is camping by the lake is also available. This spot is best visited in the dry season and it is important to remember that the temperature will not be as high as in other areas which are closer to the beach in Bali as it is high up and very sheltered in a valley.