Crate Café is a favourite spot among the locals of the surf village Canggu, not to mention the hordes of expats and tourists that call in every day. This café on Jalan Batu Bolong is one of the hippest places to hang in Bali it seems, with every good looking human in a 10km radius descending upon its tables. If you don’t believe it, all you need to do is have a quick scroll through of their Instagram feed (@cratecafe), only it won’t be quick scroll, you’ll be sure to lose at least and hour. The venue itself is a super cool mix of concrete and wood, a little roadside bunker packed with personality if you will. The mural on the outside wall attracts plenty of happy snappers and social media buffs – part of the reason this place is so well know is from its prolific following online.

You can’t miss it as it is always busy with loads of bikes out the front and plenty of people inside pouring out onto the road during busy periods. The vibe gets the people in but it is the food that makes them stay. There is no actually menu to browse but you can find everything that is being cooked that day written on the wall behind the counter. This means that the dishes change on the regular and you will be munching on only the freshest seasonal produce from local farms. You can expect everything you’d ever want for breakfast and a load of great burger and salad options for lunch.

Aside from the scrumptious food, they also do a brilliant coffee. The baristas certainly know what’s what and you will be guaranteed a perfect hit of caffeine in the morning, there is even soy milk for those lactose intolerant friends. The juices are as pretty as the clientele and are layered up in bright colours that look almost too good to drink.

Open for breakfast and lunch all week long and with internet dubbed the fastest on the island, then you’d be mad not to pop in for a meal and spot of rubber necking.