Divine Earth is a part of a group of three restaurants in Bali that provide the most scrumptious and healthy food and drink to everyone who visits. Located on Jalan Raya in the very busy and oh-so trendy location of Seminyak, this place is always busy.

The menu here is quite creative and is the first place to offer a raw menu as well as other vegetarian and vegan delights. There is no meat on the premises, just lots of super fresh and colourful fruit and veggies along with tofu and tempeh, nuts and seeds. Those of you who may turn your nose up at this style of eating, be warned, you will be missing out big time if you don’t come in to Divine Earth to try out at least one of their dishes.

Cold pressed juices and smoothies would have to be their specialty drinks and they go very well next to a salad bowl or a raw pizza. If you would rather satiate you sweet tooth, then they have raw cheesecakes and selection of tasty vegan ice creams.

The café itself is super chilled ad the vibe certainly matches the food. The store is connected to a yoga studio, so there are loads of fit and healthy people frequenting it every day after class for a cleansing juice or a protein ball. Eating healthily even in Bali will cost you a little bit more than your average café prices and they range from RP50,000 upwards.

Divine Earth is open daily from 7am – 11pm for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Free delivery is available to the Seminyak area.