Down to Earth Cafè is somewhat of an institution in Bali. They have four premises in four equally cool locations – Down to Earth in Ubud, Zula in Sanur and also in Legian and last but not least, Divine Earth in Seminyak.

Established in 1999, Down to Earth is still Bali’s first & only true organic vegetarian food company and the fan base that they have acquired is a testament to how popular their products are. With an Instagram feed that will give you menu envy for months, it’s best to just try one of everything, and trust us, your tummy will totally thank you for it.

Founder and director, Liat Solomon, is a woman of many talents, with a set of credentials that has no doubt pushed her business to where it is today. She is a nutritionist, macrobiotic educator/counsellor and vegetarian chef, with a strong desire to share her knowledge with all the health food devotees flocking to Bali.

Amazingly, Down to Earth have a home delivery service. So if you want an in accommodation dining experience and are desperate for a delicious vegetarian nibble or an epic choice of smoothies and juices then they are only phone order away.

So, let’s talk about what you can spend your money on, and there’s a lot. With drinks by the name of Blood Purifier, Free Radical Eliminator, Liver Cleanser and Pure Vitamin C, it’s clear to see that they have your best interests at heart! Some other noteworthy menu favourites are –

Dragon Bowl – Literally a big bowl full of colourful fresh veggies, nuts and seeds – you can add tofu or tempe for extra protein. Also comes with different dressings on ordering. RP. 55,000++

Raw Power House Porridge – Full of almonds, cashews, chia seeds, dried apricots and goji berries marinated in fresh coconut water. RP.54,000 ++

Gluten Free Pancakes – Buckwheat flour raised with apple cider vinegar and served with raisin sauce and coconut syrup RP.38,000++

Mango Ice Cream – Made from fresh fruit, contains no dairy, is sweetened with honey and topped with carob molasses syrup. Rp.16,000++

Not only are you be able to eat your way through their gigantic and super delicious menu, but they also have an extensive selection of organic health food and dry goods in the market section of each store. There you can get your hands on just about any ingredient needed to maintain your specific dietary requirements.

All Down to Earth Cafè are open every day from 7am-11pm.