Gitgit waterfall is a majestic cascade of clear sparkling water that plunges into a deep, seemingly bottomless pool, luring visitors to jump in for an invigorating swim. Though beware, a local legend states that couples who bathe in the pool together are destined to separate. The spot is a popular tourist destination and sits 300 metres above sea level, surrounded by lush tropical rainforest alive with wild monkeys. The waterfall is located in the north of Bali, 10 kilometres south of Singaraja, close to the main road, or 70 kilometres from Denpasar.

The waterfall consists of several falls between 30 – 60 metres in height, all very close together, and set amongst villages and clove plantations. The first is Twin Falls, comprising of two adjoining waterfalls with a swift current and a clear icy pond. The second continues from Twin falls and its cascading water looks like clouds are falling down the mountain. The third is Waterfall Story, which is located under the bridge and is very beautiful. As you walk the path that passes each one, the scenery changes and you will walk by coffee and clove trees. The air is refreshingly cool and the closer you get to each waterfall, the colder it gets, and if you’re right on top of it you’ll probably find yourself getting misted over with a fine water spray.

The waterfall was opened for tourists in 1975, and since then a parking area, restaurant and art shop have been established to cater to visitors. Souvenir stalls run along the path to the waterfall, and relentless guides will try to offer you their services for a fee, which you really don’t need. You might also see children trying to sell you beads. The path and stairs are well-maintained, and along the way you’ll find plenty of lovely picnic spots, places to swim and magnificent views.