Gunung Batukaru is an inactive volcano and Bali’s second highest mountain standing at 2,276 m. The Mawa river flows through an opening at the southern end of the crater which is the largest volcano crater on the island. This mountain is the highest peak in the Bedugul stretch, located in the Kintamani District and its last eruption was back in 2000.

From Kuta, the drive to the base of the mountain is approximately 90 minutes, but unfortunately it is not the best mountain for trekking as it is covered in dense rainforest – only professional climbers are encouraged to take on Mount Batur in its entirety. Short day treks for the less experienced do depart daily and depending on which company you go with, you will be offered different types of packages.

According to Hindu beliefs, Mount Batur is one of the most sacred sites in Bali. The sunrise over this mountain is truly breathtaking and is a spectacular sight, especially if you are on the volcano itself. This why the day treks start so early in the morning, some guides even pick you up from your hotel at 2am.

Bali Trekking Tour do early morning guided treks of Gunung Batukaru that include a cooked breakfast on the mountain side and also lunch on the way home. Visits to various agrotourism spots and tropical plantations are also included, where you get to see how the Balinese coffee is made in their very traditional way. Also for those who are game enough, you can try the Luwak Coffee; the most expensive coffee in the world as it is harvested after being fermented in the bowels of a native Balinese animal – the Luwak. It’s actually quite delicious considering the interesting and unique process it goes through.