When you visit Tanah Lot, you might be told a story about a snake, a holy snake. The legends says that all the sea snakes in this area with the black and white colouring on their skin are the beings that guard this religious site. These snakes are known to protect the area and its people from evil – and in return the people respect, protect and leave the snakes to exist in their natural habitat.

According to the local priest, the Holy Snake at Tanah Lot can only be found on the religious site and nowhere else in the world. Over the years, ancient mythology on this has been analysed and the findings are very interesting. They can prove through the texts that the nests of these holy snakes only exist in Tanah Lot and they are not in danger of becoming extinct.

As far as we know there have never been any incidents where a holy snake has ever bitten a visitor or a local at Tanah Lot Temple. You can see the snakes around the area if you know where to look but you must enter the caves on the site to be able to see them and not many people are keen to do so. There are guards at the front of the caves and they will show you where to look if you fancy staring a snake in the face in the dark. You are able to touch the snakes if you feel inclined to but the priest at Tanah Lot suggests you get a blessing from someone at the site before you do so.