Hubud [Hub-in-Ubud] is exactly that – a bustling centre of activity where the common goal seems to simply be; to get things done. It is a unique workspace for those who may not have their own dedicated desk while spending time in Ubud.

Tourists, locals, expats, long term visitors, short term visitors, working holidayers; you name it, everyone and anyone can be found tapping away on their computers at Hubud.

Hubud isn’t just a place for people to use the internet over their morning coffee or bite to eat. They offer diverse development courses and host specialised events to suit many different abilities and interests. Tech bootcamps, skills sharing functions, conferences, social occasions and introductions to Balinese culture.

With over 200 current members working together to push their individual or group endeavours forward, Hubud is a place devising new ways for businesses to thrive. Their garden cafe will provide you with healthy organic treats and copious amounts of caffeine to fuel you up.

Not only is this workspace unique in theory, compared to your normal office space, it is unique in location and atmosphere too. Located in Ubud’s stunningly picturesque town centre, it is close to restaurants, hotels, cafe’s and the market, so there’s plenty to do when you finally tear yourself away from your work.

There are 5 different membership packages on offer that will accommodate just about any need of someone looking for an inspiring place to call their office. Community, Casual, In and Out, Pro, and Unlimited memberships range from $20 – $250 per month, of course have varying access levels to Hubud’s amenities.

Other features at the venue are private Skype booths, storage lockers, mailing addresses, partnered co-working spaces and dedicated meeting rooms complete with AV access to aid with professional presentations. New member orientations happen regularly to introduce you to everything Hubud.

Last but not least, Hubud also has a villa. This accommodation runs in conjunction with Hubud and they strive to help teams develop start-ups by offering the fully staffed and serviced villa and learning facilities at varying rates. What a perfect place to gain some work/life balance!