Jagatnatha Temple is a spectacular Hindu place of worship located in the middle of Denpasar City, where, no matter what time of day you visit, you’ll always find people immersed in prayer and meditation. The term ‘jagatnatha’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘jagat’, which means world. Erected in 1953, it is a public shrine dedicated to Sanghyang Widi, the supreme god of divine gatherings. The temple lures thousands of visitors each year who come to worship, meditate amongst the peaceful surroundings or observe the vibrant festivities and ceremonies held there.

The temple shrine (padmasana) is a magnificent structure made from white coral and embellished with engravings of important religious scenes. Its empty throne symbolises heaven, and the mythical creatures beneath it represent the foundation of the world. The temple is surrounded by courtyards and gardens overflowing with fragrant frangipani, and is abound with fascinating statues, decorations and artwork.

The temple is host to two key festivals each month, one at the full moon and one at the new moon, where wonderful shadow puppet shows are performed. The holy place really comes alive at the ceremony of the full moon, where it overflows with worshippers gathered from near and far to bring offerings and pray. Visiting the temple during these lunar festivals can be an unforgettable experience.

Please note that, like all Balinese temples, respectful dress is required in the form of a sarung and sash, and these can be hired at the entrance of the temple for a small fee.