Jari Menari Spa & Massage Centre is located in the heart of the bustling area of Seminyak.  Jari Menari, translates to ‘Dancing Fingers’ which is one of the flowing hand movements you experience during a Balinese massage. This fully functioning massage centre also has a training component where people form anywhere and everywhere come to learn the art of massage.

After opening in August 2001, Jari Menari have taught people from all over the world through courses, intensive sessions, casual classes and various workshops that pin pointing many different techniques. All classes happen on a Tuesday and are taken by the senior staff who are happy to impart their knowledge to their students.

The all male group of very knowledgable staff are well known for their firm treatments that are consistent in pressure. Visitors who require some easing of tension can expect rhythmic movements, greatly influenced by yoga which aid in releasing and stretching sore and tired muscles.

Most massages focus on the back, head, neck, arms, hands and feet leaving you incredibly relaxed after a visit. The gentle soul massage is presented on a traditional natural kapok floor mat and involves a lot of aided stretching and thoughtful breathing techniques to improve vitality and circulation.

Children are welcome as Jari Menari do cater for them with a specialised kids massage process also available. If you require any wholesale products for your spa or even for personal use then they have a selection of handmade all natural oils, soaps, and lotions to aid with massage. Specialised portable wooden, foam and leather massage tables are available for purchase too.