Jenggala Ceramics is business that was founded way back in 1976, a much simpler time for Bali. Rich in history, this idea was hatched and executed by three creative minds; Kiwi artist, Brent Hesselyn, along with local talents Wija and Ade Waworuntu. What was once a small experimental pottery studio in a family home, has now morphed into a factory where they design, produce, pack and ship their beautifully handcrafted pieces to customers all over the world.

As this ceramics company has become more well known, homeware lovers have come from near and far to visit Batujimbar Village where it all started. Jenggala Ceramics specialise in tableware and are absolutely on point when it comes to keeping up with homewares trends. The raw materials found in their items are a range of stoneware, terracotta and also the most delicate porcelain.

Past collections have been named ‘fangipani’, ‘rantang’ and ‘batik’, keeping in line with Jenggala’s Balinese roots. All the products feature a beautiful high gloss finish in many different textures and colours which have become a distinct signature of the brand.

Not only do they sell their professionally finished wares from the store in Jimbaran, they also have a Paint-a-Pot program. Here you have the opportunity to test out your artistic flare on a selection of their raw ceramic mugs, plates, bowls and pots. Any age or skill level are welcome to try and the dedicated staff are there to help out as much or as little as you need.