Kafe Café is a health-conscious eatery in Ubud that boasts an upbeat atmosphere and fresh wholesome meals. Situated practically next door to Jalan Monkey Forest, the café has been open for ten years and has enjoyed immense popularity from the start. With the café’s recycled wooden furnishings and tropical surroundings, it’s a wonderful place to meet friends and relax. It’s open every day from 8 am to 11 pm.

Kafe has a large, varied and tasty menu that brings together flavours from a range of influences. Alongside their organic, Indonesian-inspired creations they feature Mexican, Indian and Italian fare. The juices are delicious and refreshing but can be cleansing of both body and wallet, often costing almost as much as the meals they accompany.

Kafe is worth a morning visit, where you’ll find fair portion sizes of healthy dishes and great coffee. A big hit with the yogis that flock to Ubud, Kafe’s central location means you may struggle to find a seat in the busy hours, particularly due to the Wi-Fi sapping table hogs who lounge their days away here. The service is usually very good but do expect to pay more than you would at your average little warung. Don’t let the relatively high prices of the salads put you off, they are possibly the best thing on the menu. Kafe is one of the only places in Bali where feta cheese is an ingredient rather than a condiment.

The warung’s commitment to good eating and good living shows. They favour raw delicacies and provide the menu for the nearby Yoga Barn; a veritable no-fly zone for anything that could be construed as unhealthy. The famous desserts do swerve the trend slightly, often swinging more toward delectable than dietary, though this doesn’t tend to pull in any complaints from the patrons.