La Favela is a beautifully hidden gem, set back from the road in the heart of a very trendy strip of Seminyak and it can be quite the challenge to find. To call this place unique would be an understatement as it is spectacular to look at and very different from day to night. People passing by are usually completely oblivious as to exactly what is there, but after being ushered along a walkway and over a little bridge under overgrown vines and ferns, you begin to realise just how big this place is. And very quirky too; the entire venue has been put together with no detail left out, there are bits and pieces everywhere you look, on the roof, the walls, the ceilings and the floors. It is a total treasure trove of items that will excite the eclectic hoarder in all of us.

The venue consists of the main restaurant, the garden, the bar, the party area and some private dining spaces for a more intimate out of the hustle and bustle setting. They play host to special house party events regularly and are hugely popular with the international travellers.

Their menu has plenty of sections to choose from; Raw, From the Garden, From the Bakery, Tapas, Green Lovers, Fresh Start and Welcome to the Wold Feast. The food portions are small, but absolutely to die for and very creatively plated. If you are in a group it is definitely worth ordering more than you think you will need to share.

La Favela has one of the most extensive and sophisticated drinks lists you will see in a restaurant in Bali. An espresso martini will set you back around IR100,ooo and a bottle of Australian Merlot is set at IR1,000,000. The bar has almost every spirit under the sun and a huge selection of international and local beers and wines. It is safe to say, you will not be stuck for something to quench you thirst once you find where you are going that is…