Lake Tamblingan is one of natures true spectacles, located in Bali’s north it is officially part of the Lovina area. This incredibly picturesque lake is situated in the plateau area between two large hills. It sits at 1000 meters above sea level and the weather experienced here is a lot cooler and less humid than you would normally come to expect in Indonesia, so make sure you do take some layers if you plan to visit the site. When you stand by the lake it is said to have an overwhelming effect on you, as the sheer tranquility of your surroundings are so beautiful.

You can reach the lake by car and it will take approximately 2-3 hours from Denpasar, depending on traffic. It is best to hire a driver for the day if you aren’t planning on staying over night, so that you will be able to explore the local villages in the area. Lake Tamblingan is stunning all year round, but to see it at its best, the peak season in the middle of the year is great as you will most likely not be rained on as much.

There are opportunities to take a motor boat out on the lake to further understand its size, depth and beauty. Locals will arrange a boat trip out on the lake for you upon arrival to the attraction. It stretches 1.9 kilometers from one side to the other and at its maximum depth it is 90 meters. The public facilities at Lake Tamblingan are basic but there is everything you need for a day trip; parking, boat rental, fishing equipment, cafés and toilets.

Staying at the lake in the past was a challenge but recently hotels and other various accommodation has popped up with views of the magnificent lake. There are also small lakeside cafés and warungs serving very basic food and coffee where you can stop off to enjoy the view in comfort with many other international tourists.

One recommended activity to take part in at Lake Tamblingan is a jungle trek adventure, as the rainforest make the perfect backdrop to explore. You will witness local and endangered species of animals including lots and lots of monkeys in their natural habitat. The flora of the area is also worth noting, if you are lucky enough to find a guide with good knowledge on this, you will be able to learn much more about it.