From the street you can’t miss the Lily Jean Basic stores. Both are located on Jalan Kayu Aya in Seminyak and are equally striking but look completely different. One store features an ornate timber panelling facade and large glass windows and the other is set up as a vertical garden with mixed green foliage defying gravity over the entire of the front wall. It’s hard not to want to go in for a browse if you are passing by and take it from us, it won’t just be window shopping you’ll be doing.

The Lily Jean Basic clothing company has been in action since way back in 2004 and is operated entirely from the island of the gods. Their beautifully crafted womenswear will take you from day to night, with delicate laces, leather and a touch of sparkle all a part of their staple aesthetic. Neutral tones with the addition of accented metallics is what Lily Jean Basic do best, their collections including pieces that you can mix and match as well as those more stand out numbers that will surely turn heads.

International and local fashion have been noted as a part of the inspiration for each seasonal collection from Lily Jean Basic. Those of you looking to expand your wardrobe would be mad to miss out on nabbing a little handmade treasure from their stores, only a few items are sold online through their website. The artisan selection of garments will certainly bring out your inner gypsy as the light and floaty dresses are perfect for the heat and humidity of Indonesia.

Founder and creative director Made de Coney has undertaken many endeavours in her career and Lily Jean is the culmination of several ventures. She loves to design for other women and having grown up in a predominantly female household with her mother and many sisters, she is absolutely in the know when it comes to ladies style. Lily Jean is available all over the world, officially selling in 12 different countries.