Locavore is a contemporary European restaurant located in the heart of Ubud. The area is known for the raw food movement and has an abundance of health retreats and yoga studios. This restaurant takes a leaf out of many books when it comes to serving up their dishes. The European style food is prepared with local ingredients they ethically source from farms and fishermen in the area. Seasonal produce also gets a good run at Locavore and the menu is changed on a regular basis to accommodate working around what is available.

Relying on international ingredients is something that chefs in Bali are now starting to steer away from. Looking in their own backyard when it comes to ingredients is something they love to do as it keeps people in business and ensures maximum freshness. Guests from all over the world have dined at Locavore and by word of mouth they have managed to create quite the strong following.

The two head chefs behind this business both trained in Jakarta over five years ago and together they came up with the idea to take this food to a more rural area. Ubud was the perfect place for them to set up this business and what a booming little baby they do have in Locavore; getting a table in restaurant will be a difficult task. If you know you are visiting Ubud at some point in the future, make sure you hop on their website and make a booking 2-3 weeks ahead of time – you’ll miss out otherwise, especially if you have more than four in your group.

Once you are inside the restaurant, you will feel what a sense of community they have. Local artists work adorns the walls of the rather small venue and all the staff are so happy to tell you all about anything you wish to know. Not only is there art on the walls, but when you are presented your food, you will see that the chefs have also created an aesthetically gorgeous feast for your eyes and tastebuds.

To provide you with the best fine dining experience possible, Locavore offers the choice of five or seven course meals in either Locavore or Herbivore styles. They are happy to modify these taste menus according to dietary requirements which you should mention during the booking process. Yo can expect to spend at least a few hours dining here, but this isn’t due to lack of decent service, more so because each dish is meticulously constructed by the perfectionists in the kitchen. Wines and other alcoholic beverages can be matched with the taste menus upon request.

Definitely a restaurant for the culinary lovers of the world and people who respect artful dishes. Patrons please note that this venue is strictly for non smokers only. Locavore is open from Monday – Saturday from midday – 11:30pm.