Lovina Beach is situated along the very top of the island of gods. Along the north coast, this volcanic sand beach stretches out 12 kilometres just to the of west of Singaraja. It is a beautiful and pretty much undeveloped part of Bali with only a few streets of shops in the nearby village of Kalibukbuk.

There are many things to do in this stunning paradise which makes it particularly popular with families and those who adore an adventure. During peak season from July to October a mix of different tourists from all over the world descend upon Lovina and over Christmas quite a considerable influx of Australians can be witnessed.

There are plenty of sightseeing tours that can be organised if lazing on the beach is a bit too passive for you. Make sure you organise a driver through your hotel so you get the best price possible for whatever excursion you plan.

A trip to the Air Banjar Hot Springs will have you relaxed and refreshed and the small fee upon entry won’t break the bank. It is best to go in the morning before 9am if you would rather not share the pools with every other tourist in town.

This area is also well known for dolphin sightings and if you are fancy it, there are boat trips that leave early each morning so that you can get a glimpse of them in their natural habitat as they swim alongside the boats. This activity is a fabulous idea if you have children who aren’t susceptible to seas sickness. Each ticket for a tour of this kind is only about IRD50,000.

In the last several years, accommodation and restaurants have popped up along the beaches and also set back inland, it’s needless to say that the standards are still improving. There are even a few nightclubs if you and your friends desire a little more upbeat entertainment.