Manta Point Dive is the most popular diving site in southwest Nusa Penida. The conditions are generally quite mild which makes it a suitable diving spot for divers of all levels, but keep in mind there is an occasional surge where the water becomes almost like a whirlpool. When the water is calm, snorkelling is encouraged, and there are plenty of dazzling photo opportunities. The dive is renowned for almost guaranteeing a sighting of manta rays – they are seen on practically every diving trip. If there was any more certainty of a sighting, it would be in an aquarium!

The trip to Manta Point takes about an hour by speedboat, and please note that due to fuel costs the trip will not take place if there are less than four divers, so it’s a good idea to book in advance. The visibility of Manta Dive Point is about 5 to 20 metres, and often less visibility means more manta rays, due to it being plankton and nutrients clouding the water and attracting the rays. Sometimes a strong swell can also stir up the bottom and reduce the clarity of the water.

During this dive, it’s likely you will encounter giant clams and starfish, and enormous areas of hard and soft coral conceal cuttlefish and baby sharks. The general lack of current means you can get up close and personal with sleeping reef sharks, large groups of blue spotted stingrays, turtles, octopus, and all kinds of tropical fish. Of course the main attraction is the manta rays, which come in a variety of sizes and colours, from pale grey with white underbellies to black with dashes of white on their mandibles.