Merah Putih is a sophisticated establishment in Kerobokan that celebrates the best cuisine Indonesia has to offer. The restaurant serves both authentic Indonesian dishes as well as fresh takes on old classics that showcase the incredible spices and flavours across the region. The owner launched the restaurant because he noticed there were very few options where people could enjoy delicious Indonesian food in an equally delightful setting, and although the restaurant is less than two years old, it has already established itself as one of the best places to eat in Bali.

The restaurant’s design combines beauty, sustainability and function to showcase Indonesian resourcefulness and craftsmanship. Translucent roof channels capture rainwater that is purified by highly developed UV filters, so the venue does not need to use groundwater reserves. Solar filtered glass walls ensure beautiful light enters the restaurant and nourishes the indoor gardens, but keeps the heat out. The overall result is sophisticated, modern, and utterly beautiful.

Merah Putih’s bar serves as an inviting introduction to the fine dining establishment, providing a selection of classic and signature cocktails, the latter inspired by local fruits, as well as premium spirits, wines and beer. A range of delicious light meals and snacks are available, such as crispy lamb belly, vegetable steamed buns and soy-glazed angus beef cheek.

The main dining section seats over a hundred people on the ground floor and another thirty in the mezzanine above. The food is designed to be shared; plates are set in the centre of the table so everyone can try each dish. The menu is divided into two parts: the traditional section offers home-style unpretentious cooking made with the very best ingredients, and the modern section tempts with creative culinary feats that play with traditional spices and flavours. For the small dishes, prices range from $6 to $10, and large plates start from $15, quite reasonable considering the quality of the food and the ambient surrounds.