Nusa Lembongan is a small island located 12 miles off the southeast coast of Bali and is a part of a small archipelago of islands. Although this beautiful island is quite remote, it is becoming more popular with tourists. In the past Nusa Lembongan was a place for surfers to stay in beach shacks and ride the pumping but uncrowded waves, there are still places like this to stay but of course like everywhere that was once untouched, it is being developed.

Sunsets here are spectacular and you have many options for how you might want to celebrate that; a cold Bintang on the sand or even a cocktail at one of the boutique beach club spots over looking the beach. Food and drink on Nusa Lembongan has come leaps and bounds since the ‘old days‘. There are warungs, restaurants and cafés serving many different types of international cuisines including all of the traditional Indonesian favourites.

There are two main beaches, Jungutbatu and Mushroom Bay, both have crystal clear water and plenty of room on the sand. This is where all the snorkelling and diving takes place – the aqua blue colour of the water is incredibly inviting. Underneath the water you will see marine life such as turtles and tropical fish and of course the colourful coral that the area is so well known for. Fact – Nusa Lembongan is known for the surplus seaweed being used for cosmetic purposes so make sure you ask the locals about it!

The main tourist areas have been developed along the water front but like Bali, there is the Bukit (top of the hill) area that has spectacular views. This area is currently undergoing a facelift of sorts in order to be able to accommodate more people as the influx of tourists is at its highest in history. Day trips from nearby islands has long been the way to see Nusa Lembongan but with the bars and beach clubs popping up, so are the bungalows, villas, hostels and resorts.

Even with the new developments happening every day, Nusa Lembongan still remains quite sleepy, especially compared to somewhere like Kuta in Bali. The pollution is much lower as there are no cars on the island and not many scooters or motorbikes. With oodles of activities to keep you busy, it is a great place to head for a family holiday and on the other hand, the relaxation side of things is pretty damn good too!