The Denpasar Bird Market (Pasar Burung) is the place to visit if you’re interested in viewing an incredible collection of exotic and tropical birds. It’s one of the most well-known bird markets in Bali, and visitors come from far and wide because of its cheap prices and huge range. The colourful and noisy market also boasts a selection of other small animals from the depths of the Indonesian jungle, such as monkeys, wild cats, snakes, toads, bats and squirrels.

The stall owners at Denpasar Bird Market have all their wares on display in stacks of cages, and you’ll be sure to find many breeds that you recognise, as well as some that you have never seen before. The sellers offer many species of animals and birds that are nearing extinction, so the place is hugely popular with collectors and animal lovers alike, or those interested in exotic and endangered creatures. Kids in particular enjoy viewing the many types of birds and animals — you might have a hard time dragging them away!

Pasar Burung is open every day from early morning to night, but you’ll often find the best bargains on Sundays. The market reaches its busiest peak in the evenings, so it’s advised to try and attend during the day if you can. The market is a 30-minute drive from Kuta, and if you’re travelling via taxi, check whether the driver can also take you home as taxis can be hard to find in the area.