At Pasar Senngol you’ll find a vibrant modern night market, littered with an assortment of stalls offering traditional Balinese food and handmade crafts. Located at the centre of the luxurious Grand Hyatt Bali, guests are invited to enjoy a sumptuous meal under the stars and marvel at the live cultural performances.

From the second you arrive, you’ll be amazed at the many artisans exhibiting their skills as they expertly carve wooden figurines, and thrill at the abundance of handcrafted clothing, bags and accessories in gorgeous bright hues. Mouthwatering aromas will tempt at every turn, and as you wander along, you will be able to admire the market’s chefs as they prepare authentic dishes with finesse. Various stalls offer an array of authentic Indonesian dishes with fresh grilled seafood, roasted meats, fragrant salads and fried noodles. A must-try is the Babi Guling, suckling pig, the eggplant curry, and the Bebek Betutu, roast duck in banana leaves. And for those with a sweet tooth, there is an entire section devoted to desserts, with the delicious coconut crepes and hot banana fritters always a hit.

When you’ve finished sampling as many dishes as you can handle, you can sit back and enjoy the dance performances on show. The lineup regularly changes to showcase various local groups, and the dancers are always sensationally garbed as they perform to live music. The concert is a dazzling and relaxing way to spend the evening.

Pasar Senngol is the perfect place to visit for a taste of Bali’s crafts, cuisine and culture all in one gorgeous location. The markets are open daily from 7 – 10.30, with the cultural show starting at 8.