Sakanaya Fish Market and restaurant was created by the same mastermind behind the thriving Japanese Ryoshi chain, and there’s little doubt that this eatery is proving every bit as popular. It’s renowned for having the freshest fish in Bali, boasting some of the best fish and chips, fish tacos and sashimi platters around. If this doesn’t tempt you, they also have a Thai menu, so you can get your spring roll and Pad Thai fix. The restaurant attracts locals, discerning Japanese expats and health-conscious travellers alike.

With a stylish beachy interior, it’s a small, quiet place to enjoy a low-key dining experience indoors or alfresco. If you’ve got a hankering for fish and chips, you can select from a range of fish caught fresh that day, choose precisely how much you want (you pay per 100g) and have it prepared to your liking. The fish tacos, another crowd-pleaser, are melt-in-your-mouth perfection, crammed with a selection of guacamole, salsa and green chili sauce, and priced at around $3.50. And you’ll be hard-pressed to pass up the decadent sashimi platter, which is great value for money at around $6 for 15 pieces of finely cut fillets.

Once your appetite is satiated, you can peruse Sakanaya’s fish tank and display fridge and buy some fresh seafood to cook up at home. The market offers the freshest selection of fish, caught daily, at reasonable prices, and also sells Japanese condiments like panko, ginger and pickled radish to complement your gourmet cooking.

If you’re looking to find the freshest fish in Bali, at hard-to-beat prices, then Sakanaya is the perfect choice. It’s open every day for lunch and dinner, 7 days a week.