Sakti Dining Room is a raw vegan restaurant at Fivelements wellness centre, which promises to surprise and delight its customers with every bite. Both herbivores and omnivores will be astounded at the innovativeness, freshness and perfectly balanced flavours of Sakti Dining Room’s fine vegan cuisine, which is meticulously crafted to nourish body, mind and soul.

What first greets you when you enter the restaurant is its breathtaking design  an eco-friendly bamboo structure with alang alang thatched roofing. The architecture is simple but stunning, and the restaurant’s situation between the Ayung River and tropical ponds and gardens creates a majestic setting.

The restaurant is renowned for its scrumptious tasting lunches and dinners, which are offered in 3, 5 and 7 course menus, as well as their luscious desserts. More than half of the dishes are raw vegan, loaded with nutrients and sakti (divine energy) healing power, from which the restaurant derives its name. The owners believe that plant-based foods are rich in living energy and vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which can strengthen and replenish our physical, emotional and spiritual states, helping us to reach optimal health and beauty. Even if raw food is not usually your preference, you will find that the cuisine perfectly suits the tropical environment and will be able to taste the healing vitality in each mouthful.

For an unforgettable raw food experience amongst lush surroundings, make sure you visit Sakti Dining Room. You will be astounded at the imagination, colour and extraordinary flavour found in each dish.