A common complaint about raw food is that it tries to mimic popular non-raw foods and fails miserably. People sample raw pizzas, cheesecakes and pastas and then are bitterly disappointed that they taste so different. But, if you want to try raw takes on old classics that actually taste like the real thing, then look no further. The Seeds of Life presents fresh, clean raw foods that are bursting with living energy and nourishment and taste incredible. The owners and chefs, Sayuri and Ben, also host cooking classes so you can learn how to create wholesome dishes at home and daily yoga lessons in their studio upstairs.

The ethos of Seeds of Life is to offer the cleanest, freshest, most rejuvenating and delicious foods to all who visit. Located in the mountains of Bali, the restaurant has access to healthful organic produce that has been grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soil and is picked fresh every day. They serve fresh juices and smoothies, raw vegan desserts, raw chocolates and superfood bliss balls, but then they take it one step further, offering a range of daring dishes that will blow your mind. These include buckwheat waffles with butterscotch ice cream and caramel sauce, raw warmed pizzas, a lasagna that actually tastes like it’s made with mince, chai chia porridge, burgers, Japanese nigiri and coconut yoghurt. All these selections will have you shaking your head in disbelief, wondering how on earth they could possibly taste this good and be so good for you.