Seminyak in general is a shopper’s mecca, but the Seminyak Flea Markets are a great place to grab a bargain and polish your bargaining skills. The markets might be easy to miss, but heading towards the beach on Oberoi, they’re just past Seminyak Square on the right.

These flea markets have a wide range of clothes and also local handicrafts and souvenirs. You can find also find sarongs, silver and other jewellery, kids stuff, hats, watches and sunglasses. You’re bound to see the same things in nearby shops tagged at a much higher price, but you can pick them up here for a steal with just a little bit of negotiating. 

Remember: Bargaining or negotiating the price is not just an option, but a necessity! Don’t be intimidated, the locals at this market are friendly and as long as you keep a smile on your face, you won’t offend anyone — no matter how hard-ball you play. Don’t be afraid to offer 1/4 or less of the starting price (and of course it helps if you have an idea of how much that adorable dress might cost in a shop). Keep in mind, the purpose of bargaining is to arrive at a price you’re both happy with, so don’t feel obligated to buy anything if you feel the price is unreasonable. And rest-assured, the seller will happily let you walk away if they’re not happy with your final offer.

The markets are shaded, so you won’t end up lobster red after an epic shopping spree. But it can get hot in the afternoon, so plan your trip for earlier in the day if possible. In fact there are a strip of good restaurants and cafes around the markets, so why not get your shopping out of the way early and then relax with a bite to eat and a cool drink afterwards. We’re pretty sure negotiating over the price burns extra calories, so it’s fine to indulge a little afterwards!