The Straw Hut Restaurant and Bar is a family owned and run venue in the heart of the vortex that is Kuta. Everyone is welcome at this restaurant, the vibe is super relaxed and their main focus is providing a place for casual dining.

The menu has a bit of everything with their recipes having been collected from all over the world. You can expect all the Indonesian favourites along with the Aussie chicken parma, Italian home style pizzas and American burgers and fries and much more.

The venue has a pool smack bang in the middle of the courtyard and they have been known to play host to a pool party every now and again. All the outdoor tables are situated near the pool and the entire scene is pretty awesome to experience. To draw in crowds, on Wednesdays they host a live acoustic music night where locals come and play their always interestingly put together repertoire for the crowd.

Open for breakfast lunch and dinner every single day, you are welcome to stay as long as you want as many people do spend quite a long time here because it is so comfy. On Friday nights they have what is called the Warm Up Sesh, where you can stay and party all night. Drinks are cheap and the atmosphere is fun, so it is no doubt you will make friends with plenty of like minded people up for a good time! A DJ spins tunes until late in the evening while everyone exhausts themselves cutting moves on the dance floor, it is a Friday after all!