Suluban Beach is situated in Pecatu Village, in South Kuta, and thrilling waves combined with breathtaking scenery makes it an absolute paradise for surfers. The beach joins up to the famous Uluwatu Beach, and both are among the most legendary surfing beaches along the Bukit Peninsula.

The beach offers a jaw-dropping view of the Indian Ocean, and beautiful sunsets in the late afternoons creates a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. Seemingly endless white rock cliffs surround the beach, and below, glimmering white sand greets pristine turquoise water. The sound of crashing waves reminds visitors that this beach is not just a spellbinding haven but the ideal location for an exhilarating surfing adventure.

The waves at Suluban Beach are similar to those at Uluwatu Beach, characterised by a powerful swell and reaching between 3 and 12 feet, perfect for surfers of all levels. The best time to surf at the beach is during the dry season, between April and August, when the wind blows east to west.

Although the beach is quite secluded, you will still find plenty of places to eat. Restaurants and cafes can be found on the path that leads down to the shoreline, offering various types of cuisine. Some of these eateries have breathtaking views of the ocean, so if you’re tired after surfing, consider visiting to relax with a drink and take in the view.

The beach can only be reached from Kuta or Denpasar via the Jalan Bypass Nusa Dua. Take this road south until you reach the junction with Jalan Uluwatu II, turn west toward Jimbaran Bay, and after about 2 kilometres turn left up the hill with the Uluwatu sign. Continue on that road until you reach the Uluwatu Temple, where there will be a signpost to Suluban Beach. A taxi from Kuta will take about half an hour, and if you’re planning to head back home later that day, see if the driver will wait for you as finding transport back can be difficult.