Taksu Yoga, Ubud offers an array of classes from the world of movement arts and the word ‘taksu’ actually means ‘the indescribable essence of spirit’. Ubud would have to be one of the most well known yoga locations in the world. Many yoga retreats and schools are located here, so it is only fitting that Taksu Yoga is nestled right in the heart of this vibrant and culture packed area.

There are several types of yoga in different classes for you to choose from. Gentle flow therapeutic yoga, which focusses on regulating the breathing and calms and stimulates the nervous system, which is perfect for all levels of ability. Hatha yoga combines guided meditation, sun salutations and poses to increase balance and core strength. Finally, they offer Hatha flow, concentrating on meditation, posture, breath control all while bringing balance to those who try it.

If you so desire you can book a 75 minute private session with one of the knowledgable teachers at Taksu. Private prices start at IDR50o,000 and you can bring in additional students, up to six at a time for IDR120,000 each. The beauty of practising yoga in such a natural setting is the feeling of being at one with your environment and the teachers can will be able to get the most out of you in the warm tropical heat.

Another service they offer at Taksu is training for people who want to become yoga instructors. They have many workshops and courses available that not only teach you the techniques, but allow you to gain an understanding of exactly how to impart your new found knowledge onto your future students.

Bookings are absolutely essential, Taksu is a very popular place for yogis from all over the world. Open from 8am – 5:30pm every day.