Tampak Siring is a small village located in central Bali, about 18km north west of Ubud. Home to the Gunung Kawi, Tirta Empul Temples and the Senang Hati Foundation; in the past, Tampak Siring was one of the governance centres in Bali during the kingdom period.

Bali’s ancient temple, Gunung Kawi is without a doubt the most impressive ancient site in Bali. Located in the Pakerisan Valley (not far from Tampak Siring), it’s easy to relax with the magical sound of water trickling along side the irrigation channels at the bottom of the valley.

To reach the temple, you only need stroll a short distance from the parking lot where you will reach the top of the valley. Following a beautiful walk down 300 stone steps, overlooking the majestic rice fields as far as the eye can see, you then reach a bridge that connects to the famous site. Within the temple, you will find monuments carved out of living rock, dating as far back as 980 AD. Shaped like burial towers, these monuments identify the royals who were honoured there. The telling historical value of the site makes it a sure hot spot for travellers.

North of Tampak Siring you’ll find the beautiful Tirta Empul Temple also well known for its holy springs. Discovered in 962 AD, the temple itself was dedicated to Vishnu, a Hindu god, believed to have magical powers and famous for its holy water to aid Hindu’s in their quest for purification and to flush away their sins. The temple pond has a flowing spring which evokes a sense of beauty and spirituality in the air. This is an experience that definitely should be amongst your travels plans whilst in Indonesia.