Tanjung Benoa Beach is a wide and sparse white sand stretch located in Bali’s south east. There are plenty of warungs run by friendly locals who will beckon you in to try their delicious traditional street food menus or a fresh young coconut they have just cut down from a nearby palm tree.

While there are all the regular beach things to do like eating, drinking, sunbaking and swimming, by far the most popular thing to do on Tanjung Benoa Beach are the water sports. The program is extensive and you will lose at least a whole day here, if not a few days when you decide to return for a second round. It is hard to stay away.

Riding a jet ski can be a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. You can hire them out on the beach for half or full days and sometimes by the hour from several operators. We suggest starting off with a friend who has done it before so they can show you the ropes, otherwise make sure you ask the operators if they can give you some tips.

Parasailing is another really awesome thing you can take part in on Tanjun Benoa Beach. This activity consists of the individual being strapped into a harness at the end of a line behind a speed boat. As the speed boat takes off the parachute opens above the person in the harness and you will fly around for up to 20 minutes. So much fun, we can’t even tell you. A must do when you visit this beach as it is the perfect way to take in the views of the area.

If heights scare you or you want more of a group activity then we think the Banana Boat Ride. Like the parasailing, you will be towed behind a speed boat roaring along the calm and flat waters of Tanjung Benoa Beach. But what is most different here is the blow up banana you are straddling with your mates is dragged along the water. It tends to get a bit bumpy and there is potential for you to fly off into the water. Life jackets are provided. Ride at your own risk of course.