Teatro Gastroteque offers an exquisitely luxurious dining experience in the heart of the restaurant capital of the island, Seminyak. Teatro means ‘theatre’ and that is exactly what you can expect here, with their novel twist on French and Asian fusion cuisine. The best produce in Bali is used in their kitchen and is sourced from local markets so that the flavours are as authentic as possible. The presentation of the food is where the theatre begins, and it seems such a shame to destroy these plated works of art, but you must.

The very passionate executive chef, Mandif M. Warokka, leads a team of culinary specialists in the kitchen with his experience spanning many years. With many international awards to his name, Warokka has perfected his art by learning from the best chefs in the best restaurants and hotel kitchens all over the world.

Chef Daniel Edward is the main man in charge of the design and presentation of everything that leaves the kitchen, bound for your table. Born and raised in Jakarta, he knows exactly how to make the most of the local produce. Like Warokka, Edward is also a multi award winning chef who has travelled the world soaking up the knowledge from many culinary experts he has come into contact with.

Of course with two very talented chefs at the helm of this operation, they definitely have floor staff to match their expertise. Not only are the waiters immaculate in presentation, the service they provide guests is impeccable which also adds to the theatrical theme Teatro Gastroteque is known for. To truly discover the menu with a taste of the very best they have to offer, the chefs have designed 3, 5 and 7 course dining experiences for you to choose from, of course with a to die for list of matching wines. This is boutique dining in Bali at its very best.