Tenganan Village (sometimes known as Tenganan Pegringsingan) is located in the regency of Karangasem, about 60 kilometres from Denpasar City. Since the 1970s the area has developed quite rapidly with tourism really opening up opportunity to the local people to gain some financial and community stability. Before the government intervened at this time, it was known as one of the most secluded and primitive societies on the island of gods.

This village is visited by tourists and people from other Indonesian areas because of the rich history it holds. The people of Tenganan were said to be selected specially by the god Indra to watch over this place that was a part of his divine plan to create a spiritually and territorially pure location. It is because of this that the culture and original traditions are much respected and still upheld to this day.

Many ceremonies take place in Tenganan which attract a lot of inquisitive tourists and history buffs. One very important part of these traditional ceremonies is the music from the Gamelan Selunding; a musical instrument made of iron which is native to this tiny village.

The village has quite the interesting and widely unseen layout. The houses are built on either side of a north to south concourse with all the doors opening inwards to each other. There is a one gate at the south of the village where people enter and the hallways leading into rooms are all so narrow that only one person can walk through them at a time. There are communal temples within the set up as there are in most housing complexes in Bali, but these are either side of the entrance creating perfect symmetry. There are several other important buildings within the complex as well including open areas for meetings and large bales where administrative decisions are made.