Ever worried the accommodation photos on the net might be too good to be true? Stop stressing. If anything, Villa Sabana, Canggu is better in real life than the photos! And that’s rare. The luxurious 5-bedroom villa takes in picturesque views over terraced rice fields and a lush tropical jungle. Located in Pererenan Village, 15 minutes from the heart of Canggu and 50 minutes to the airport it is a fabulous spot.

Villa Sabana is secluded from the mayhem in a quiet Balinese village of Pererenan. The villa enjoys the privilege of being in peaceful hamlet where you can still see the daily workings of rural Balinese life. Herds of ducks waddle through the rice fields while traditional gamelon music plays in the distance and the smell of offering incense fills the breeze. This is the reason Bali became such a sought-after holiday destination. 

You’re just minutes away from some of the world’s best surf breaks and stunning black sand beaches. Your personal driver can take you to the best beaches, chic Canggu, or anywhere else you please. 

The spacious 650 square meter villa features a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, so you can choose between soaking up the sun by the 18 meter pool, relaxing in the shade, or cooling off in air-conditioned comfort. There’s more than enough space for a group of friends or a large family.

You’re in good hands once you arrive at Villa Sabana. Your every need is catered for by the outstanding full-time staff. You’ll be looked after by a private chef and personal butlers.

If you’re trying to decide whether you can bring the kids along, the answer is yes! Villa Sabana is a family friendly option. There is plenty of space for even a large family, while a separate playroom will keep the little ones entertained while you wind-down. To give you added piece of mind, you can also hire a pool fence and/or carer for small children.

Villa Sabana offers a relaxing environment which is perfect for those looking for their own slice of Balinese serenity.