Warung Sulawesi is a charming café that boasts authentic home-style Sulawesi, Javanese and Padang cooking. Situated on Jalan Petitenget in bustling Seminyak, it’s just far enough from the busy main street to offer diners a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle and lures in hungry office workers and expats daily. The popular and cheap eatery is set in a charming garden abundant with trees and blossoming plants. This delightful and casual café has become a renowned crowd-pleaser in the flourishing tourist area.

The dishes served here are authentic, though the chilli factor may be toned down for tourists. Grilled ikan merah, squid in savoury sauce and rica-rica chicken nuggets are just some of the Sulawesi items offered daily, and the café also serves a range of sambals and a variety of milder meat and vegetarian meals. The succulent beef rendang is considered by some to be the best in Bali. To order, you essentially point at the dishes you like, starting with the rice (red, yellow or white), then the curries, stir-fries and noodles and other dishes. You can select which meats you prefer, whether fish, prawns, squid, beef, tofu or tempeh. This style of ordering food means you can try a whole lot of dishes at once, and it’s really affordable. The café has desserts available too, such as traditional pancakes and not-so-traditional doughnuts, and a range of fresh juices and soft drinks. When you’ve got your meal, you can step outside and relax in the courtyard surrounded by flourishing greenery. The mismatched wooden tables and chairs are sweet, and the ambience is peaceful and friendly.

The café is easily recognisable from the street by its blue-painted wall. If you’re coming from the lights and reach Cubana, then you’ve gone too far and need to backtrack about 50 metres. Keep in mind that the café becomes very busy at lunchtime, but if you’re looking for authentic cuisine in a lovely setting and for a great price, look no further!